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Fire Resistant Glazing Systems

I have a standard fire rated door - cam I add a glazing panel to it?

It depends on the test evidence for the door - you will need to check this with the door manufacturer. As long as the door was fire tested with a glazing panel installed, then yes you can install a glazing panel, up to the same size (in area) that was tested, and in the same place in the door leaf. Lorient's systems have also been tested in typical fire rated door constructions, and we hold extensive test evidence ourselves which allows for glazing panels to be fitted, up to certain sizes - please refer to our Fire Resistant Glazing Systems page and brochure (available to download from this website) for more details. You can e-mail us or call +852 (0)2505 0328 if you would like to discuss your specific application.

What's the maximum size of glazing panel I can fit into a fire rated door?

You will need to refer to your door manufacturer's test evidence, as this will show the maximum size of glazing panel you can fit. The sizes shown in our Fire Resistant Glazing Systems brochure (available to download from this site) relate to the sizes in Lorient's own test evidence - but if the test evidence for your door shows a smaller size, then that is the maximum size you can fit.

I need to fit a glazing panel into a door that also needs to provide acoustic performance.  How can I do this?

This won't be a problem, provided that thick enough glass is used, with an appropriate sealing system, and the size of the aperture is limited. Conventional “Georgian Wired” glass has been tested in conjunction with our System-36/6 glazing gasket, and this provides optimum acoustic performance for most types of door construction, including FD30 and FD30S doors. This will allow for up to 0.16m2 (eg, an 800mm x 200mm or 650mm x 250mm glazing panel) to be incorporated into the door without having an significant impact on the acoustic performance. If you want to use other glass types or larger sizes, please contact us for advice.

I need to fit a glazed screen/partition - which of your products do you recommend?

We do have test evidence for our fire resistant glazing systems for use in screens/partitions. The system we would recommend will depend on the type of glass you are using and the level of fire protection you need to achieve (30, 60 or 90 minutes). Full details are available in our Fire Resistant Glazing Systems brochure, available to download from this website.