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Architectural seals reimagined

For over three decades we have been leading the way in the design and manufacture of some of the finest sealing systems for performance doors in the world. Architectural seals have formed part of our portfolio since the early days, and we were instrumental in introducing the concept of smoke and acoustic sealing to a largely uninformed market.

Since those early days things have moved on – architectural seals have become common place in the standard specification of a door – whether for acoustics, smoke or teamed with a performance fire sealing system to provide all round protection for building occupants. The ranges on the market have all been pretty similar; copies of copies and often built down to a price, rather engineered up to a specification. And certainly the design aesthetic has been way down the list of priorities. Until now.

We are today unveiling our new and exciting range of architectural seals – under the brand name of AURA®. A select and discerning range of architectural seals with strong design accents. Sensitive to the choices an Architect has to make and aiming to minimise the design conflict of form over function, AURA® delivers something different. Combining elegant curves, innovative features and the freedom to re-think finishes – AURA® offers the functional performance you’d expect of a Lorient system but with a new design sensibility. Proliferation of choices often hampers seal specification, so AURA® concentrates purely on delivering performance with a strong focus on the overall design of a doorset, rather than simply meeting a budget.

It won’t be right for everyone and of course we have a wide range of general architectural seals that offer plenty of solutions. Instead – with the launch of this new range – we have provided a vehicle for those who want to raise standards and produce something that departs from the norm. Talk to us about your ideas, your projects and your designs and see how AURA® can help you achieve what you really want, rather than simply making do.

AURA® The Design Edge.

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