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In need of some sound advice? Lorient launches new Acoustic Sealing Systems brochure

Lorient, an acknowledged leader in acoustic, smoke and fire seals for door assemblies has unveiled its comprehensively revised Acoustic Sealing Systems brochure. The clear and concise format features a selection of Lorient's portfolio of test results and represents recommendations for optimum performance in commonly encountered applications.

The new-look brochure features colour-coded sections for different door constructions. Key system benefits are detailed, yet succinct enough to allow specifiers to make an informed decision about solutions quickly and efficiently.

From fire rated and non-fire rated doors, to specialist acoustic doors, single and double door options; this new brochure highlights over 30 innovative solutions for optimum acoustic performance to be achieved. All of the systems featured will meet the acoustic containment requirements of Approved Document E to the Building Regulations (England & Wales), while offering low frictional resistance for ease of operation, facilitating access for all, as required by Approved Document M.

Many solutions have been labelled with Lorient’s Threedom® concept marque, indicating that they are particularly recommended as meeting the requirements of Approved Documents E, B, and M, and have also been extensively tested for durability, with many achieving over 1,000,000 cycles on a full-size door assembly without degradation.

While the brochure provides practical integrated acoustic sealing solutions, it also serves as a source of technical information, with an acoustic testing section, details about Approved Document E, relevant standards and much more.

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