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Lorient achieves CERTIFIRE certification for its ATG range

Lorient has achieved CERTIFIRE (CF564) certification for its range of fire and smoke resistant dampers/air transfer grilles. This covers both vision style and non-vision style grilles for use in doors, walls and floors.

Lorient's air transfer grilles perform a dual function: they provide ventilation for the health and comfort of the buildings' occupants, while providing fire and hot smoke containment, in the unfortunate event of a fire. Lorient's intumescent air transfer grilles are fitted at the point where the fire resistant wall or floor is breached. Under normal circumstances these grilles allow air to pass freely through the building. However, in the event of fire the slats and frame swell to many times their original thickness, fusing together to form a non-combustible mass. This provides fire resistance to match the surrounding construction, and prevents the passage of hot smoke and gases. The air transfer grille range from Lorient covers fire performance ratings from 30 minutes to in excess of 180 minutes; and a number are fully tested for smoke performance.

The air transfer grilles can also be installed in timber fire rated doors, to give up to 120 minutes’ fire and smoke protection, in accordance with the test evidence for the door.

This CERTIFIRE certification adds to Lorient's ever-increasing library of test evidence and certifications, and is testament to Lorient's commitment to independent performance verification. CERTIFIRE is an accredited independent product conformity scheme operated by Warrington Certification Ltd, the purpose of which is to set quality and performance standards that go beyond simply passing a single fire or smoke test.