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Lorient provides the complete solution with the new Curved Fin Batwing®

Recent revisions in the Approved Documents to the Building Regulations for England and Wales have put more demands than ever on doors.

The 2003 revision to Document E states that many doors must now demonstrate a specific level of acoustic performance. In addition, the 2004 revision to Document M requires that doors must require a minimal barrier to access and are required to be much easier to operate; whilst Document B continues to require the vast majority of fire doors to provide smoke protection as well.

For 15 years the Lorient Batwing® has been at the forefront of smoke and acoustic containment solutions for doors. The Batwing®’s distinctive straight fins have now been re-engineered into a subtle curved design hence the launch of the Curved Fin Batwing®. This provides easier door operation, and increased durability, while retaining all the smoke and acoustic benefits of the original Batwing®. The Curved Fin Batwing® provides the ”COMPLETE SOLUTION” to the requirements of all three Approved Documents in one easytofit product.

With a proven smoke performance from ambient even up to
200°C, the Curved Fin Batwing® is an ideal choice for upgrading fire rated doors to provide additional smoke protection – or it can equally be fitted to new fire rated door assemblies alongside one of Lorient’s fireseals. The Curved Fin Batwing® is designed to be fitted on to the doorstop at the heads and jambs of single swing doors – both single and double leaf.

The Curved Fin Batwing® is also covered by extensive acoustic test evidence to meet the requirements of Document E, when used with a recommended threshold seal.

The fins are subtly curved to work with the door leaf, and the seal provides minimum frictional resistance, so the doors remain easy to operate. Furthermore, the Curved Fin Batwing® only needs a third of the effort of its predecessors and that of competitor’s products. This greatly contributes to the accessibility requirements of Approved Document M and additionally increases the longevity of the product.

The product is manufactured with a rigid PVC spine, and flexible elastomeric fins expertly co-extruded for maximum weld strength and product durability. Every length is printed on the spine for complete but unobtrusive traceability and accountability of product quality. The product is supplied with a strong adhesive tape for fixing that has endured rigorous testing in accordance with section A6 of BS 7386.

The Curved Fin Batwing® is available in a variety of colours as standard to blend discreetly into its surroundings, however if a project demands something different Lorient can tailor the product to specific requirements.

Uniquely, the product has been independently endorsed by both CERTIFIRE (CF136)and the British Board of Agrément. Both schemes require the company to hold BS EN ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance.

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