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Lorient’s new acoustic evidence keeps it real

Lorient has achieved impressive new acoustic test results for some of its most versatile door sealing systems. Already an acknowledged leader in acoustic containment for doors, Lorient has further enhanced its expertise following another comprehensive testing programme.

The programme included a series of 26 tests to establish Lorient seals’ acoustic performance on popular brands of fire door, including Halspan, Strebord and Flamebreak. The 30 and 60-minute doors were taken ‘off the shelf’, and acoustically tested with industry-standard 3-4mm gap sizes, – so the results truly reflect what the sealing system can achieve in practice. Many of the tests were also undertaken with a long glazing panel, in the door, consistent with how many doors are now installed in order to meet accessibility requirements. Results of at least 30dB Rw or 35dB Rw were achieved on all tests, meeting the levels specified in Building Bulletin 93 (Acoustic Design for Schools).

The doors were firstly tested ‘fully caulked’ to find out the theoretical maximum performance the door: this involved testing the door with all the edges filled with soundproof putty. The putty was then removed, and combinations of Lorient’s most popular seals were installed and tested, including the DS combined acoustic, smoke and fire seal; the Batwing® acoustic and smoke seal ; and the IS8010 si threshold seal. All the tests gave impressive results, and in some cases matched the ‘fully caulked’ result, indicating perfect performance for the seals.

The testing programme was undertaken in March 2009 at Sound Research Laboratories in Suffolk.

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