Acoustic, smoke & fire containment systems

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The stunning woodgrain collection from Lorient... revealed

Lorient’s collection of woodgrain seals authentically replicates the beauty and ageless appeal of natural wood without compromising on acoustic, smoke or fire performance. The Finesse™ acoustic, smoke and fire seal and plain fire seals are available in twelve stunning finishes which harmonise with a range of modern and traditional timbers.

These seals provide the perfect complement to any prestigious application by effortlessly blending with the door or frame. They are ideal for an array of projects, from hotels to heritage; modern apartments to boardrooms; new build or refurbishment.

The ingenious Finesse™ acoustic, smoke and fire seal combines performance and durability with superior aesthetics. It features dual transparent fins; which results in a virtually invisible fitted product in situ.

Lorient would recommend samples are obtained and suitability checked for match before an order is placed, as colour and grain in timber species can vary.