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Top of the class! Introducing the DS Door Edge Protector

Doors in schools often suffer damage to the leading edge, due to the high volume of children scurrying through the doors with bags and kit every day. Where these doors are fire rated, this damage can seriously compromise the performance of the door in a fire situation, as well as allowing cold smoke and sound to pass through.

The new DS Door Edge Protector from Lorient provides a highly durable and cost-effective solution. The DS Door Edge Protector is ideal for restoring damaged doors, or for installation on new doors to prevent damage occurring. It reduces the need to replace the door, while also offering a multitude of benefits including superior protection against impact damage, smoke, fire, germs and acoustics.

Acoustic containment is particularly important in schools: a high level of classroom noise can affect a child's ability to learn. Building Bulletin 93 highlights the need for good acoustic conditions in schools, and this affects doors as well. Specific minimum acoustic performance ratings for door assemblies are stated - 30dB Rw, with music rooms needing 35dB Rw. The DS Seal incorporated in the Door Edge Protector has been designed with acoustic containment specifically in mind: when tested on a standard architectural door leaf, the DS seal achieved a rating of 31dB Rw, when combined with Lorient's IS8010 si - Automatic Threshold Seal. Furthermore, the flexible elastomeric fins of the DS seal produce minimal friction, enabling ease of door operation - essential
when young children are using the doors, and to help meet
the accessibility requirements of Approved Document M .

The DS Door Edge Protector is easy to fit, and is available in a range of colours, complemented by matching items including push-plates and kick plates. The Door Edge Protector itself is manufactured from a durable, impact resistant vinyl material featuring a textured finish to reduce scuff marks.