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New Specialised Fire Resistant Door Hardware brochure from Lorient

Lorient has unveiled a comprehensively revised brochure featuring its Specialised Fire Resistant Door Hardware products.

Special protection is needed when installing ironmongery on fire and smoke rated doors. Any additional security products fitted also have to be suitably tested and proven to ensure they will not compromise the door’s performance in a fire.

Lorient’s new brochure includes a range of intumescent protection solutions for ironmongery, including hinges, locks and latches and concealed door closers. Special products such as fire and smoke resistant letterplates and security viewers are also included. All products offer a high standard of protection against smoke and fire, and can be safely installed on fire rated doors, without compromising the fire and smoke integrity of the doorset.

Lorient’s latest innovation, the DS Door Edge Protector, is also featured. This unique product is ideal for restoring damaged door edges, or for installation on new doors to prevent damage occurring. It reduces the need to replace the door, while also offering superior protection against impact damage, smoke, fire, germs and sound.

The revised brochure features new product photography and realistic drawings. Key product benefits are clearly detailed to allow specifiers to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.