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...the difference is clear

Leading sealing systems manufacturer Lorient has introduced an ingenious option for its popular Batwing® perimeter seal. The versatile, virtually clear product - exclusive to the Batwing® range, perfectly, complements the natural features of a doorset, without compromising on aesthetics. Batwing®’s symmetrical design has made it extremely effective for acoustic and smoke containment, in both new build and retrofit applications.

New Acoustic, Smoke and Fire Seals for Door Assemblies brochure from Lorient

Lorient has launched its new, improved 'Acoustic, Smoke and Fire Seals for Door Assemblies' brochure.

Lorient’s co-extruded seals offer anti-ligature protection

Lorient’s flexible finned products, such as the DS seal, are produced using co-extrusion, which means that the rigid PVC seal carrier and the flexible fin are manufactured as one unit, not two. This creates an extremely strong weld between the carrier and the fin, rendering the seals almost impossible to destroy, and never to the extent that a long length of fin could be torn from the product and used as a ligature.

Enhanced new test evidence for System-90 PLUS

Our popular System-90 PLUS glazing system has recently achieved

impressive test results, widening the scope for its application.

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