Acoustic, smoke & fire containment systems

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Lorient’s co-extruded seals offer anti-ligature protection

In many healthcare and custodial buildings there is a specific need to protect residents from possible self-harm and even attacks. While combined smoke and fire seals play a vital role in saving lives in a fire, it is perhaps surprising to consider that they can also present a ligature hazard. Many seals on the market are manufactured as two parts and assembled – so the smoke seal brush or fin strip is simply inserted into the carrier as a separate component. This means that, almost as easily as it was inserted, the brush or fin can be removed in one long length, and potentially used as a ligature device.

Lorient’s combined acoustic, smoke and fire seals are manufactured differently. Lorient’s flexible finned products, such as the DS seal, are produced using co-extrusion, which means that the rigid PVC seal carrier and the flexible fin are manufactured as one unit, not two. This creates an extremely strong weld between the carrier and the fin, rendering the seals almost impossible to destroy, and never to the extent that a long length of fin could be torn from the product and used as a ligature.

Lorient’s seals are also multi-functional, which means that one combined seal can provide acoustic, smoke, fire and thermal containment around the perimeter of the door. This removes the need for multiple seals to be fitted, reducing both the costs and the potential ligature hazard of adding separate, surface-mounted seals. A very simple yet potentially life-saving fact.