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New Fire Resistant Glazing Systems brochure

Lorient’s new Fire Resistant Glazing Systems brochure is now available to download, and features some of our latest innovations.

Glazed panels are often required in fire resistant walls and doors to allow vision and natural light. In door assemblies, they allow people to see others approaching from the opposite direction; they also allow fire and smoke to be seen without opening the door - an important safety benefit. However, adding a vision panel to a door can create a point of weakness; and where timber and glass meet, fire can take hold. Also, without support, the glass can quickly slump and fall out in the extreme heat of a fire.

The solution is to fit fire resistant glass secured by an appropriate glazing retention. The Fire Resistant Glazing Systems brochure features a variety of systems that can be used to specify and manufacture glazed doors and screens, providing fire resistance from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes.

Here are some of the updates:

  • System-36 PLUS is a flexible family of U-shaped intumescent gaskets designed for 30 minute fire resistant doors and screens. When using approved glass types (please refer to CF5060 for the full range of glass types) it provides 60 minute fire resistance for doors and screens. Each size variant features a unique colour on the spine for easier identification.
  • Additional glass types are presented in a new, modern tabular format.

If you'd like to order a hard copy of the brochure click here.

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