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System-321 - glazing system

System-321 is a unique and innovative system for glazing 30 minute fire doors quickly, efficiently and safely.

The glazing system comprises:

  • Two parts, the first supplied with the glass already in place. This is placed under the aperture in the door leaf, the fixings are then pushed into the pre-cut slots (no tools required) and finally the remaining part of the system is clipped onto the other side.


  • Simple and easy-to-use.
  • Reduces the average time taken to glaze a fire door to under two minutes.
  • Available in standard sizes of 500mm x 200mm, 750mm x 200mm and 600mm x 600mm.
  • Available in light and dark hardwood finishes, a range of standard sizes and with a choice of clear or wired glass.

To find out more please contact our Technical team on +44 (0)1626 834252.

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