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Batwing® - acoustic + smoke seal

The Lorient Curved Fin Batwing® acoustic and smoke seal minimises the opening and closing resistance of the door leaf due to its unique, curved fins.

Head and jambs of single and double leaf doors 

Standard Lengths 
1m + 2.1m.  Single doorset pack consisting of 1 x 1m and 2 x 2.1m.  Other lengths to special order. 

Min / Max gap size 
3mm / 4mm 

Black, white, dark brown, light brown, grey, silver and cream.  Also available in clear. 
Please note: clear Batwing® will not prevent light penetration. 

Supplied with strong self-adhevise tape, tested on many surfaces, including MDF - suitable for internal use only. Groove size for LAS1212K is 9mm x 3mm - suitable for internal or external use. 

Key features

  • Flexible elastomeric fin material springs back to original shape to provide ongoing performance and durability in service.
  • Symmetrical design ensures fins are always in contact with two surfaces of the door leaf, creating an air chamber to provide excellent acoustic properties.


Acoustic: BS EN ISO 10140-2:2010 + A1.  Will achieve a rating of 31dB Rw when tested on a typical FD30 door assembly, in conjunction with a LAS8001 si threshold seal - no additional perimeter seal required.
Smoke: BS EN 1634-3: 2004
Smoke: BS 476 Pt.31.1; effective smoke seal up to 200°C
Durability: 1 million cycles
Other: Protects against draught and light
Certifire (CF5179)

Use with
Practically any threshold door bottom and drop seals.  LAS8001 si automatic seal is recommended for optimum acoustic properties.

Specific product codes for this seal:
LAS1010, LAS1212, LAS1015, single Batwing® profiles: LAS1206, LAS1007, Kerf fitting profile: LAS1212K, LAS1206K.

Please note: The codes IS1010, IS1212, IS1515, IS1212K, IS1206 and IS1507 have been superseded with LAS1010, LAS1212, LAS1015, LAS1212K, LAS1206 and LAS1007.

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