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Concealed door closer kit

Hydraulic closers concealed in the door leaf are increasingly popular - but they must not be fitted to fire resistant doors without appropriate protective measures being taken. This is because:

  • they require a large portion of the door to be cut away which immediately reduces fire resistance
  • many models contain flammable hydraulic oil
  • the aluminium housings are likely to melt in intense heat leading to a breach
  • they are made from materials which are very good heat conductors and take up much of the available door leaf thickness.

Lorient intumescent protection kits overcome these problems. They consist of thin, high performance intumescent sheet, pre-cut and scored so they can be easily fitted around door closers. To further facilitate installation, the kits are self-adhesive. Lorient can supply a range of closers complete with the protection kit.

When tested in accordance with BS 476 Pt. 20 it was shown that Lorient closer protection kits can provide up to 60 minutes protection, even on 44mm thickness door leaves.

The low pressure intumescent action ensures the door leaf is not split. Insulation against heat transfer is provided as soon as the intumescent material is activated.

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