Acoustic, smoke & fire containment systems

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Door viewer

Wide angle viewer

A one-way viewer which allows occupants to see and identify callers. The viewer is supplied with an integral intumescent liner.

Tests have shown the viewer can be fitted to 30 minute fire resistant doors without compromising fire safety.

The Lorient viewer:

  • allows callers to be seen and identified without opening the door
  • projects an image of the caller onto an etched glass screen which can be easily viewed from a convenient distance. It is not necessary to have the eye so close to the viewer that there is a risk of penetration from sharp objects
  • allows occupants to see out but does not allow callers to see in
  • provides fire resistance of 30 minutes when fitted to full size door assemblies and tested in accordance with BS 476 Pt. 22
  • is available in black, gold, silver, bronze or white.