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Door edge protector

Some doors suffer severe damage to the leading edge due to the heavy volume of pedestrian and wheeled traffic.

New test evidence means that Lorient’s edge protector now incorporates the innovative DS seal; together they offer superior combined protection against damage, fire, smoke, acoustics and germs.

Lorient DS door edge protectors:

  • protect vertical door edges against impact damage, therefore retaining appearance
  • are hygienic – the DS seal is a finned product, therefore it is easy to wipe clean
  • provide superior acoustic performance due to the unique dual fins on the DS seal – meeting the requirements of Approved Document E
  • enable ease of door operation by the low frictional elastomeric fins (Approved Document M)
  • are successfully fire and smoke tested to BS 476 Pt. 22 and BS 476: Pt. 31.1 meeting the requirements of Approved Document B.

Lorient door edge protectors were specifically developed to upgrade damaged doors. They are manufactured from heavy duty, impact resistant vinyl material, with a textured finish to minimise scuff marks: the two finishes available are; Hessian (textured) and Falmouth (smoother with feint stippling).  The the product is supplied in a grey finish with black intumescent as standard, however other colours are available upon request.  They also:

  • are easy to install to new or existing doors
  • can be supplied in standard leg lengths between 32mm and 50mm to increase the area of the door protected
  • incorporate a margin for inevitable variations in door thicknesses up to 62mm.

Fire and brush type seals are also available, along with a range of matching items including push plates and kick plates.

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